Geographic Data Licensing

Kaart Data creates and maintains geographic data for multiple regions of the world. Detailed, comprehensive and accurate data for emerging markets in the past has been difficult and expensive to integrate into GPS navigation and geographic solutions. Kaart Data provides a powerful alternative that makes this data available to the greater market!

Our data includes accurate and descriptive details such as road classes, travel speed, address ranges, turn restrictions and oneway traffic patterns on Highways, Major and Local roads. In addition, we maintain databases with thousands of points of interest, lakes, rivers, golf courses, cemeteries, markets, wetlands and more; all with comprehensive attributes included for each country. Our staff travels often to conduct fieldwork and establish local connections to ensure the highest quality data.

Interested in previewing our data?

We’ve made a sample of our data available to view. You will need GIS software capable of viewing Shapefile format GIS Data.

All data and attribution is representative of our entire data catalog.

Download Sample Dataset